The Science Behind Early Detection

Discovering the Test: Uncovering the link between pre-cancerous tissue and cancer

For decades, professor Shamsuddin, M.D., Ph.D., a board-certified pathologist at The University of Maryland School of Medicine has been on a mission to discover the early warning signs of cancer. Through this process, he has made groundbreaking discoveries about the early warning signs of cancer realizing that Early Detection Saves Lives.

Innovative Detection

This discovery formed the basis of the Early DetectionTM, Inc. test and was featured on the cover of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Confirmed High Sensitivity and Specificity

In conducting twenty plus independent clinical trials throughout the world, in over 9600 patients, the study results confirmed high sensitivity and specificity.

By AbulKalam M Shamsuddin - April 07, 2021
Advances in Cancer Research & Clinical Imaging

A Simple and highly accurate screening test for TF-antigen, the biomarker for cancer

This paper provides a review of the history, science and use of this major medical advancement.

Saving Lives

We expect to launch the laboratory diagnostic test in 2023. We extend our gratitude to the thousands of patients who participated in the clinical trials. Your contributions will help to make these cutting-edge tests a reality.