Early Detection is the key to winning the fight against cancer.

By AbulKalam M Shamsuddin - April 07, 2021
Advances in Cancer Research & Clinical Imaging

A Simple and highly accurate screening test for TF-antigen, the biomarker for cancer

This paper provides a review of the history, science and use of this major medical advancement.

Revolutionizing Cancer Screening: Introducing Tests for Early Detection

One of the challenges with current imaging screening tests such as CTs, mammograms, and x-rays is that tumors need to be a certain size to be detected. This means that many early-stage tumors are missed because they are too small. To address this issue, we have developed a revolutionary early detection test. These tests detect the biomarker that is only produced by precancerous tissues and cancers.

Early Detection Saves Lives

*It's important to note that screening tests are not diagnostic tests, but rather, they are used to alert doctors that asymptomatic patients are at an increased risk and that further evaluation and testing may be needed.